Xbox 2 Release Date (When is it Coming?)


Xbox 2 Release Date: 2019 has been a great year for video gamers thus far. Not only have we seen some of the most amazing titles being dished out this year, but also witnessed the arrival of a bunch of new gaming hardware. Nintendo rolled out the Switch hybrid console to strike those who did not believe that the same console could be used indoors and outdoors deaf. Atari started teasing the new Ataribox that will clearly be a throwback to the company’s 1977 hardware. And Microsoft has finally pulled the covers off its much-talked-about Project Scorpio, now renamed the Xbox One X. Needless to say, we are already wondering about what the coming years will bring in terms of hardware, now that the biggest names in the field have decided to focus on upgrading their consoles. And that seems to be an on-point discussion while we are on the topic of the Xbox 2 release date. So when can we expect the proper next-generation follow-up to the Xbox One to make an appearance? Will there at all be an Xbox 2, or is Microsoft changing their battle plans to trump their rivals? Read on.

Xbox 2 Release Date

  • Before we reveal the probable release date of the Xbox 2, let’s check out when Microsoft launched their previous Xbox models. As it is very hard to predict the exact Xbox 2 release date as it is an upcoming device, that’s too of such stature; we have decided to find out the pattern of the release date of their previous products.
  • The first model or the original Xbox was first released in North America in November 2001. The same console was unveiled in Japan, Europe and Australia the next year. The second instalment, the Xbox 360 first saw the daylight in the eleventh month of the year 2005.
  • The third and the current iteration of this coveted console series, the Xbox One was first launched on November 22, 2013, in North America. 

Xbox Release Date: November 15, 2001

Xbox 360 Release Date: November 2005

Xbox One Release Date: November 22, 2013

So it is very clear that Microsoft loves to launch its products in November. Now the question is, in which year? Phil Spencer, the Chief Executive of Microsoft’s Xbox Division, has made it absolutely clear and assured the fans that the company would definitely launch another console, and that’s too very soon.

In fact, the Xbox Project Scorpio, now officially renamed as the Xbox One X, has been given a proper unveiling by Microsoft at the 2017 E3 event, giving us a good idea about the mid-level upgrade’s features and design, along with its release date. No surprises there, for the new console from Microsoft is coming out on November 7, 2017. So where does that leave the next full upgrade?​

  • The Xbox 2, we surmise, will stay under wraps until a substantial amount of time has passed. The Xbox One x is considerably high-priced, and we don’t assume that Microsoft will push out something as big as the Xbox 2 shortly after launching this one.

​Looking at the market, it can also be seen that a new full upgrade by rival Sony will not release until 2020, as has been stated by unnamed insiders associated with the PS5’s development. Taking that into account, as well as the fact that Microsoft is clearly aiming to go big on the graphics technology, we believe the Xbox 2 will not see the light of the day until we are well into 2020 or even 2021.


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