Top Countries In The Race Of Technology


You know what?

We have been performing research for 2 months and finally here are the results!

It took us 3 weeks to gather all the information!

Finally, here you go!

We perform a little search on countries that are performing great on Water Tech Market!

As researched by a well-known public blog Global Water Intel the water tech market will up to 6 Billion Dollars till 2020.

Technology is what helps the today’s world to earn their bread and butter. It has taken over our lives and have transformed it dramatically.

Countries In The Race Of Technology!

From cellphones to laptops, buildings and cars, elevators to commentators, airports, hospitals, restaurants and every other place that you may visit is well integrated with technology.

It’s because technology helps in promoting the country’s gross domestic production (GDP) and help in increasing the economy of the country. Without technology, countries standing on the forefront of developing the next future enigma and gradually fell into the hell holes of devastation within no time.

We performed another research on top countries that have the most percentage of using technology!

I am sure you would be surprised by the results!

According to a research by Wikimedia! USA has the most percentage of technology usage!

Hence, it is considerably necessary that countries should be effectively helping in transforming the present of today into the better future of tomorrow.

To do so, they have to work together and competitively.

Today, we are going to discuss about the few of the many races that are incredibly making credible change in creating technological products and services that can help such races to stand nonparallel and secure from all fronts.

So without any further do, let’s see which countries are making to the top of our list today.


Last but not the least, it’s USA. USA stands non-parallel when it comes to technology and the major factor to the contribution is because it allowed a mix of culture to adjust within their respective country.

They had a bit of all their competitors and this gave them an upper hand in creating almost everything! From iPhone to Android, Windows to Macintosh, Nokia to Samsung, you name it and they have done it all.

May it be a space program or a disaster recovery plan, they have integrated technology into everything. In Fact, they eat, sleep, and repeat technology.

They have abundant nuclear warheads and their IT infrastructures are well versed and protected. Thinking to take up with Donald Trump, if Russia can rework their strategy and take a step back! So can you!

We were researching about technology growth in US and found an amazing Infographic on Fun Facts About Tech In USA By RedWerk!

Give it a shot!


The private technological industries of Russia are so powerful that they alone are enough to transform the country into a famous biological and nuclear war weaponry global hub.

They can trade so much that they can easily become one of the cause to blow half the world into bits.

Apparently, like other shrewd businessmen, Russia has the audacity to maintain world order!

Moscow, being the head capital of the country is investing and researching drastically through their institutionalized research centers such as the Moscow State University Research Centre and more.

Despite being a superpower country of the world, they have always played safe. Since, the 20th century, they have invested a lot in nuclear industry, aerospace, space technology, IT infrastructures and Communication.

Behold! Because Russia is taking the next toll of competition among the many races of the world!

To make your point more clear!

As you can see in the chart below shared by Slide Share CDN that how much Russia’s population is involved in SmartPhones!


A recent case study by Gadget.NDTV revealed a case study on Microscopic Molecular Cars to Race in France!

The case study states simply that France is also a big tech giant!

One of the greatest and oldest countries to invest in technology is France.

It has contributed into the fields of science and technology because they were supported by their Kings during the 1666 era.

This became the initial point and encouraged French individuals to establish different Research centers and transform France into a third world country. During the 19th and 20th century France transformed their respective technological sphere.

They launched their first satellite quite earlier than many countries around the world, till 1965. France produced some of the most intelligent scientists who excelled themselves in the field of physics, space technology, nuclear power, IT, telecommunication and engineering.

It’s what makes France stand strong today! If you are not French then you should worry! Because they are prepared well when it comes to Technology.


Yet not considered the supreme emperor of technology, China has yet created a standpoint among the fellow competitors with its mass production and distribution of technological components around the world.

They may not be good in assembling the perfect product, but they sure are experts in creating components that help other countries build incredible technology products.

It is a high profiled advanced country which track record success in different fields among which is technology.

The gradual change in the technological development of China came instantly after 1949.

Today, a common adage follows that everything is made in China.

It’s because for the past two decades they have worked hard into improving their manufacturing industries by automating processes and inducing robot assistance from manufacturing to packaging components used in iPods.

Another research was performed by Journalist’s Resources back in 2007 that shows that china has played an important role in the technology growth!

South Korea

Not like it’s predecessors, but Korea haven’t kept itself in the dark. Over the years, they have exceptionally developed in all fields of technology.

It has seemingly invested in technological areas of industries such as air conditioning, Robotics, Media products, computers and laptops, vehicular industry, transport industry and more.
Companies such as Hyundai and Samsung mostly pull their tech elites from South Korea.

It’s because Korea has a large pool of innovative tech literate population.

Seoul, the capital, is rising higher with each day and homes one of the world’s premier electrical engineering universities around the world.

This tech giant has beaten many Japanese cellular industries to the ground. Brace up! Because in the future of tomorrow, South Korea has already laid its foundation.


They may seem a bit over populated and poverty ridden, they sure ain’t dumb! India is laying technological siege and they have already acquired the world’s most used Search Engine facility, Google.

For those of you who do not know, Larry Page is not Google’s CEO anymore… It’s Mr. Sundar Pichai and he is an Indian.

Bangalore has transformed itself as the second image of Silicon Valley and it represents a long history of outsourcing technical resources around the world.

Their IT support teams are considered to be such employees who can work simply at cheaper rates then the rest of the market.

They are goliaths in terms of economic power as they have frequently shifted focus towards Mobile development, E-commerce, and working to transform the automobile industry.

They are also looking forward to launch a thriving space program and they even sent out spacecraft to Mars. Next time you see a coconut head who smells of curry, hide your devices, they can easily hack into it in just no time.


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