Top 5 Features of Microsoft Edge Browser


This article includes Top 5 Features of Microsoft Edge browser which might help this all-new browser to compete with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser.

The latest Microsoft Edge browser is Microsoft’s answer to Google Chrome which practically killed Internet explorer. Internet Explorer was lacking in features compared to browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera. These features made Chrome and Firefox overtake Internet explorer in terms of the user base. But Microsoft made a comeback in 29th July 2015 officially launching a Microsoft edge browser which will replace internet explorer in Windows 10 Operating system.

Microsoft Edge included features and technologies which are Chrome and Firefox users are used to, along with introducing annotation, drawing and commenting within opened webpage. to make things even better Edge is integrated with  OneDrive, and Cortana. Along with introducing Reading List (which syncs across all devices) and reading mode (which removes unnecessary objects and ads).

Top 5 Features of Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft edge is a whole new browser that doesn’t support any legacy technologies like  Browser Helper Objects, ActiveX.  It supports all the web standards which other major browsers support. Here are a list of Top 5 Features of Microsoft Edge browser which you should know.

5. Reading List

The reading list allows users to add web pages for further reading in later time. Reading list synchronizes among all your Windows devices and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This also allows users to read even when there is no internet connection.

4. Reading View

Like Opera, and Firefox Microsoft included Reading view within the browser. You can find reading view icon at the top left corner beside url pane. Reading view mode removes all unnecessary content except the Article and associated image for comfortable reading. This helps to get rid of distracting ads, pop ups and color schemes of the website and allows the reader to focus only on the article.

3. Top sites

Like Google Chrome and Opera and Firefox Edge introduced Top sites at the home tab. This shows sites which that particular user frequently uses. Home tab can also be customized to include News feed from trusted sources.

2. Cortana


Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Google Now, and untill now it was exclusively available on windows phone platform. With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft integrated Cortana within the OS. And the browser is also integrated with it. It’s integration with edge makes the browser useful, and you can use your voice to search instead of typing. It becomes a very powerful combination if cortana is used with Bing search engine.

1. Web Note

The Make a Web Note on the top right corner allows users to draw and annotate and highlight within a webpage. This is useful for people who want to share a webpage with others. To create a web note, open any page and click on the make a web note button on the right corner. This will open an editor panel. You will get three tools to highlight, comment and draw things on the webpage. You can customize color and size of the pen tool as well as highlighter brush size and color. After making your highlights click on save and you are ready to share the webpage with your friends and family. This is an entirely new concept and can only be found in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Above are the Top 5 Features of Microsoft Edge browser, which are either exclusive or taken from other browsers, but was not present in any otter Internet explorer. Now time will tell if these features of Microsoft Edge are helpful for creating its user base. Till then keep visiting our website for the latest news, tutorials and downloads, no matter you use Edge, Chrome or Firefox.


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