Top 10 Health Apps to Stay Healthy (Android)


Being healthy is more important than everything, there are many health apps to be healthy and fit. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Your diet and exercises help you to be more healthy. Nowadays everything is on your smartphones. Thankfully, there are lots of health apps on smartphones that can assist you in living better, and exercise more frequently. One of the most useful in these health apps is their ability to help us to live a more healthy life. The health apps work as your personal fitness trainer; you need to follow the app. It also shows the performance and calculates the calories gained and lost.

Top 10 Health Apps for Android

In this article, I’m going to say about the top 10 best Health apps on your Android which take care of your health. It displays every activity of yours, so that easy to monitor and act according to that. If you feel the weight is over than your age and height, then you need to do workouts to make your body fit. It is very much important to monitor every activity you do to improve your immunity power. Let’s head into the topic and make sure to got through every app so that you can understand which app suits to you. Every app has it’s identity and works well on an Android device without hassle.

1. Fooducate Health App (Price: Free with in-App purchases)

From many free Health Apps Fooducate, you can achieve your goals and dreams. It also helps you to track your daily food regarding calories. It also helps you make good choices what to eat on a regular basis. This Health App list out What to eat and what not to eat. It also tells you the food-grade based on nutrition. Download the Fooducate health App for Android from the Google Play store Health Apps now and start eating more healthy food.

2. Google Fit Health App (Price: Free)

Google fit is a platform where it supports perfect fitness for everyone. Within these health apps, you can analyze and track your fitness. If your stats doesn’t match, then this health app will suggest you the best food and on what you need to Improve. This Google Fit Account includes walking, cycling and running. Here you can also set specific goals to result in the perfect tracking. Also, you can use this app for weight-loss progress over the past day, week and month.

3. FitBit Health App (Price: Free)

The FitBit has designed as the world’s leading app for tracking all-day activities like workouts, sleep, food and much more. FitBit not only counts your food and exercises but also it tracks the distance right on your mobile device. All over it tracks your stats and your jogging routes, hiking, and walking. Also, you can set a goal and can start to carry out a meal plan. Then you can view the results and also can track your progress with the help of light-to-understand charts and graphs.

4. ITriage Health App (Price: Free)

This app is completely free, which helps you to find out doctors for your problems. This iTriage Health app gives you the quick access to huge healthcare & medical database in your pocket. iTriage is one of the most used top Health and Fitness free apps in Play store. Here in this app, you can set an Appointment Setting through iTriage for select doctors and healthcare providers. From this health app, you can view your Personal Health Record (PHR) stored with Microsoft HealthVault.

5. Calorie Counter Health App (Price: Free)

Calorie Counter is also one of the best health App for Android which counts the calories on what kind of food that you are taking. Also, this app is best for losing weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet. From these health apps, tracking food is fast and easy. Additionally, you can edit the entire lists of products whenever you want to satisfy your diet.This health app gives you a lot of opportunities which helps you to lose weight more quickly.Health Apps

6. Lifesum Health App (Price: Free within App Purchases)

From millions of Health apps, Lifesum is one of the top apps where many people have been satisfied who became healthier and happier in life. Many medical journals around the world suggest this Lifesum Health app. If you are the pro version user, you’ll also get some additional support for other features, mainly more in-depth for meal information, and also suggests the variety of diet plans. Lifesum health app is the best choice one who wants to lose weight and also who want to control their diet on a daily basis. This application will give you the advice on taking food and what all nutritious to taken. Naturally, I say that it is your Personal assistant who schedules all your information about the water you drink and the food you eat.

7. MyTrainer Dasi Fitness Workout Health App(Price: Free)

This Mytrainer diet fitness workout app is also the best and totally free with no app purchase from all the Health apps. This health app contains the vast collection of Health Tips, Home Remedies, Health Recipes, Nutrition Tips and much more advanced features. This health app takes care of your diet and helps you to maintain your strength and improves your health. It offers you a variety of workout plans. Many common health problems can prevent with a healthy diet and health practices.

8. Pocket Yoga Health App (Price: $2.99)

Not only diet helps you to be healthy, but following some yoga tips is also important to be healthier and happier. With this pocket yoga health app, you can keep up your yoga practice at your place. Also, you can set up all your comforts within your home itself. Pocket Yoga has 27 different sessions by varying duration and difficulties. Here you can quickly learn yoga poses from pocket yoga app. With these Yoga poses feature it contains the dictionary with the detailed description of the correct posture and benefits.

9. Runtastic Health App (Price: Free)

Are you ready to get in shape??? Runtastic Health app is the best app you can choose from all the health apps. This Runtastic Running & Fitness app provides you much more features to improve your diet and fitness workout. Additionally, you will be a part of a global fitness community for tips and tricks from professional coaches to help you reach your fitness goals. Here you will also get a voice coach, maps to plan your jogging, workout logs (that includes graphics and analytics), various metrics, support for many wearables, and a lot more. You can also check out 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 6S.

10. Zombies, Run Health App (Price: Free)

Zombies Run the term itself explains that zombie adventure on walking/jogging/running. This health app is also for fitness. This health app is not only a fitness app but also a video game. This Zombies Run allows you to run out through the story. It Is a unique way to get people to walk more. Here every race becomes a mission where you feel like the hero. This app contains audio drama putting you at the center of your very own zombie. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your playlist.


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