The Coma: Cutting Class Review


With Halloween approaching, it’s only fitting to play this horror title called The Coma: Cutting Class created by developers Devespresso Games

You play as a teenager named Youngho who is about to take his exams, but he pulled an all-nighter the night before and the next morning he really does start to feel the effects. After meeting local bully Myung Gil and after hearing his story before the game really starts kinda helps set the mood for what comes later.


Sewha High school is a large school with many corridors and many rooms to search, hide and explore as you sneak around with nothing but your torch to keep you company in the dark halls. Youngho’s favorite school teacher Ms. Song appears to be what is referred to as “The Killer”.

During the exams, the all-nighter starts to catch up on Youngho and he ends up falling asleep at his desk, what’s happened when he arises has him completely startled, confused and feeling scared. You’re in what seems like a midriff world which is between sleep and consciousness.

So the date of the exams really is Judgment day, right?

If you’ve ever played Alien Isolation, then you will see some similarities in this, which is quite a compliment. The horror, sneak and hide gameplay really keeps you on edge. You must carefully listen to your surroundings, whether it’s the clippity clops of “The Killers” footsteps or the sounds of eerie music to create a real sense of atmosphere as you browse the halls wondering what will happen if you end up going in the “wrong direction”. If she spots you, she’ll scream and start to chase you attempting to attack & kill you.

If you happen to get injured, it’s best to run and hide in a locker and whilst you do this is a great opportunity to eat some snacks to boost your health & stamina as well as using bandages to stop bleeding and to use antidotes to remove the status of poison. You’ll pick up notes and key items along your journey but we suggest that you may want to view them whilst you are hidden because The Killer is still on the move whilst you walk, talk or examine areas and she will ATTACK YOU.

As you progress through the game Ms. Song will grow evermore deranged and able to run a lot faster, while carrying more and more dangerous weapons.

The unique character design is a fresh approach to a game that seems predictable, in fact, it’s not at all. The characters alive/undead in the mystery world have altered egos and different attitudes to Youngho as the game pans out. You’ll find yourself meeting characters and aiding them in quests to help yourself further down the line.

There are several optional quests which can change the outcome of the game, you also unlock a new costume once you finish the game.

Graphics & Sound

Smooth, vector graphics help produce the scenes and cut scenes with subtitles to create a comic-book style dialogue. The Characters pop up on-screen with text boxes and you’re able to read the story from there, there isn’t any voice acting apart from the rumbles and screams from the various characters.

The wording on the game which appears to have been translated from Korean can sometimes be a little loose. For example, on the main menu, the load game action just reads “Loads” which we imagine should really say “Load Game”

We did see several quirky quotes which some people may recognize and they also pay tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger with such quotes as “I’ll be back”

Like mentioned earlier, the spooky noises coming from the halls and different school classrooms and staff rooms really set the horror in motion. The footstep sounds keep you focused and very aware. You may want to play this with your speakers up.

Replay Value

The suspenseful action horror is really intriguing whilst playing it the first time and the shocks and surprises really catch you off guard, however after playing it a 2nd time it can become quite tiresome traveling through the halls to get to the objectives again. The shocks become a little more predictable. With this being said, I don’t believe it is their intention for it to be playable over and over again. We feel that they want you to enjoy the story itself and to make it memorable for you.


The Coma: Cutting Class is a good/fun title with awesome visuals and a very creepy environment set in a 2D world. Although the ending of the game in our opinion could have been written a little bit better. Another downer to the title was the lack of gamepad support. If you looking to enjoy a decent horror game that has scary scenarios and dramatic chases then we can say we do recommend this to you, especially in time for Halloween.

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