Snapsave – App to Save Snapchat Videos, Images & Stories


Snapsave for Snapchat is a ‘Save & Screenshot’ app that enables people on Snapchat to save the photos while not notifying the user that the user has saved it.

Another note-able feature is that this app allows the user to view other people’s snaps as many as times possible. ‘SNAPSAVE for Snapchat’ is a replacement app for the most popularly used temporary photo sharing a social network.

Snapsave Features :-

  • Snapsave App is the most exciting and an acceptable app by viewers as it lets them view photos or videos more than once.
  • It is easier to download if a person downloads Snapchat account and access SNAPSAVE through it.
  • The App has slight exceptions considerable to the original app.
  • The feature of clicking good pictures through the camera by flipping sides and constantly pressing on the ‘Camera’ button will take the app in video mode.
  • There are options to set the duration as well as the option to send it to ‘My Story’ and then hand write what you wish and share amongst friends or followers.
  • While others are sending a particular video or photos has no restrictions on the viewing time.
  • The option of the screen shooting without the awareness of the friends in your list.
  • If you wish for your friends to be notified, by merely tapping on the smiley face icon to the bottom right.
  • To save the snap chat. However, there is a download button icon on the bottom left.
  • Stories, however, work similarly except the user is notified and saved to ‘STORIES’ folder in the gallery.
  • Simple means of an interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t need any root access.

However, the options to pick an individual filter in the pictures clicked seems restricted. Also while typing a message after clicking an image could be improvised as the text I out do not auto space automatically thus separate means of manual typing is required.

However to download and install the app, one must change his/her Settings to ‘Unknown Sources’ for Android devices.


Provides the option to save videos and photos.

  • Screenshot can be taken on user’s Snapchats without their awareness.


  • Not available in Google Play. Direct Download method is required.
  • Missing Snapchat filters.
  • Text Input on chat screen could be improved.

SNAPSAVE is an Android app that is an alternative option for Snapchat that enables one to save snaps on your phone. It requires no root access and can be directly downloaded for free of cost.

One more smart feature is that Snapchat deletes its messages, videos and pictures within a duration of time but SNAPSAVE can easily store all these on your mobile.


To install SNAPSAVE one should download the Snapsave APK file to the Android device or download it on the desktop and transfer it to the phone.

  • Got to <Settings>< Security>and check the <Unknown Sources> box.
  • It would show that the APK file is visible.
  • The APK file shows the Snap Save APK file on the phone’s device.
  • Agree to any prompt that appears and SNAPSAVE is ready to be used.

How to use SnapSave?

  • SNAPSAVE is not affiliated with Snapchat Inc and its usage might village the terms and conditions of Snapchat. Thus proper login into the Snapchat account is important.
  • The user can login into the Snapchat account through SNAPSAVE using Snapchat information.
  • Both the apps will not be accessible simultaneously. As the user opens one app, it leads to the log out of the other account at the same moment.
  • If the user has opened a snap using the official Snapchat app, you can no lover save the snap using Snapsave.
  • There is no reliable official site for this app and is endorsed by Snapchat.

Few other apps that enables to Save photos and videos securely, such as:-

  • SnapBox – it is useful on both Android and iOS platforms. It has a user-friendly interface and navigation.
  • SaveMySnaps – This is not merely saving photos or videos, but it can also download and save ‘Snapchat Story Saving App.’ There is also the availability of built-in photo edition.
  • Casper – it is only available for Android users. It also perfects to send images or videos from your device gallery to Snapchat users. It has more built-in stickers making it more fun to chat with friends.
  • SnapCrack – It is a free Snapchat Saver app for iOS but also a paid version is available.
  • Snapchat Saver –it is one of the oldest Snapchat saver apps that is currently available only for Android devices.

How to download SNAPSAVE for iOS?

SNAPSAVE on iOS, however, lets all the Snapchats saves for future references. Once the snaps are saved, they can be viewed anytime and can be shared with friends in social media platforms such as – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through e-mail.

To have an opportunity to save photo or video from Snapchat, it is mandatory to open it through the SNAPSAVE account or else the Snap would not be available for download.


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