How to use ChromeVox Extension (Guide)


ChromeVox – A Special Extension for the Visually Impaired!

Google has already marked its name in the development and integration of technology with mankind. Ranging from Informatica to healthcare to as far as logistics and mobile applications, Google has already gained the prodigious reputation of being the next big organization that will evolve the technology.

Another Feather On The Cap

Chrome was a brainchild of Google. When it first arrived at a time when internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox were ruling the browser market, Chrome was touted as the next big ace from Google. It has not only enhanced the internet surfing experience but also catered to all sections of users. Chrome Vox is a special package that has made chrome an indispensable asset for the technology fraternity. Chrome Vox is actually a screen reader specially designed for chrome to increase versatility, reduce complexity and smooth the operation and security for the visually impaired users.

Download ChromeVox Chrome Extension: Chrome WebStore

Chrome Vox For The Beginners

Chrome Vox is an extension of Google Chrome and is available in the chrome store. For beginners, vox works on synthesized speech with the help of the keyboard. Command key coupled with the control key is required to operate Vox.

Gradual Filtration To Navigate Smoothly

Chrome uses a technique known as granularity which applies the concept of levels and hierarchy. The lowest level deals with headings, paragraphs, and lists. The next level includes pictures and tabs, and the last one works on lines and words. The ‘=’ key helps to converge and the minus key helps to retreat. Vox will voluntarily signal you at which level you are currently.

Jump and it gets easier!

You can literally hop from one web page to another from heading to heading or link to link either in forwarding or backward direction.

  • N signifies next and P signifies previous keys.
  • L stands for link, B for button and F for form fields.
  • Now using any of these keys will help you to travel between different web pages (for example – Chrome Vox keys + N)

Address Bar & Tab

Address bar or ‘omnibox’, as it is sometimes called, is a multipurpose box in which you can type a URL, search, calculate or even translate languages. Vox provides you the opportunity to use multiple tabs at the same time. It is targeted at making your life easier and it totally delivers on that promise.

A Little Packet To Hold The Gem

Many of the users complain about the vast collection of shortcut keys. They were finding it extremely hard to remember. For this problem, you have sticky notes that provide you with the list of all the shortcut keys in which you just need to use the up and down key.

If you are finding it difficult to locate the keys on the keyboard, just press the space bar.

Chrome Vox is a unique extension from Google chrome. This particular association has already garnered many users from all across the globe because of its easy approach and hassle free operation. We can’t help but appreciate the thought behind it.

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