How to Transfer Files Wirelessly From Android to PC Using Xender


In today’s time transferring large files between two smartphones in not a new thing. It happens in a split of seconds. There are many apps for this like share it, zaypa etc. and I think you also know about airdroid. Which can transfer files from computer to android wirelessly? 

But do you know that you can use Xender to transfer files between PC and Android?
If you don’t know about xender then let me tell you – it is a free file transferring app by which you share files between android phones. It was previously known as a flash transfer. You can connect with more than two devices and share files with just a swipe. this is very popular between phones. So let’s find out how to do it for computers.

Getting started

1. First of all, if you haven’t installed XENDER then download here and install it now. And if you installed it then follow the steps below.1. Open Xender on your mobile and click on the big red button and then click “connect pc”.

2.  Click on the Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile.

3. Now open Wi-Fi on your window pc by clicking – windows+X > Network connection > Wi-Fi > turn on and now click connect when the signal show.

4.  Enter this address in your computer’s web browser and press ENTER

5.  After then, something like this screen will show in your PC and mobile both. click accept from your mobile

6. That’s it, your PC and android are connected over a wi-fi connection. You can see this type of screen in your browser. You can browse all your files of your smartphone in web browse with ease. Control your phone on your computer.

As you can see all the files are categorized by their types. You can see which apps are installed in your device. You can also install, uninstall, delete directly from your PC.

How to share files between both your PC and Android

The above step was to connect your computer with your smartphone. Now we will know how to share files between them. This is quite easy, just follow the below steps.

  • Download file from your android to pc: – select the file you want to download from your mobile in your computer’s web browser. And click the button as shown in the picture below. And your file will send to your pc
  • Download file from your PC to android: – Go to the bottom of the files section. And select “Files” now select the “upload file” button. Browse through the computer to choose the file you want to send and click open. Now the file you choose will be downloaded to your smartphone

So as you can see how Xender replaces your traditional USB with ease. I suggest you bookmark this address. So you don’t have to enter the long address every time. Then you have two just connect with Wi-Fi and click on the bookmark and you are ready to share.

This post was about Xender for Wi-Fi file transfer. If you know any better or something like this for sharing the file over PC and android feel free to suggest to me in comments. If this post was helpful don’t forget to share to your friends in Facebook. Thanks.


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