Top 10 Best Business Apps For Android


Here we will discuss Android Smartphone applications which are most popular and highly recommended business apps. No business is small; any business you are running doesn’t matter in using these. Smartphone applications make your things more easy and straightforward to do. We researched and found top 10 apps that are must for every businessperson for the growth of their business. If yours is a small business and if you are losing customers due to lack of accepting cards then we have listed one smart application that allows you to take cards as all prominent business people use for transactions. Carrying documents all the time might be risk and the chance of losing them will me more while you travel so there are applications which store your data and you can use them anywhere you go.

10 Best Business Apps For Android

Business applications help you to track every step that you take for your business. I have listed apps which are not only for big business but also have apps for small business. By using the best apps for small business or a large business, you can make your workflow better. The enterprise apps are designed in such a way that it can be understandable easily. I recommend these all mobile helps for small businesses as well as for large businesses. There are few other apps which can give you the estimation budget for small business and also

1. OfficeSuite+PDF editor

This application is same as ms-office with all the functions and features; with office suit, you can manage all your text documents very smoothly. OfficeSuite is full compatibility with Microsoft formats including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, and PPSM. These all type of formats we can edit and create using the application and you can share with your office members or colleague.

2. Google Calendar

Google calendar helps you in business appointments, meetings and your regular activities. If you are running a business and let’s say its start-up company or small business where we may not be required a personal assistant instead of that you can use this google calendar as your PA (Personal Assistant). Schedule your meetings, travel timings, to-do list and much more. This calendar application sorts all your programs and keeps you reminding with alarm or some other notification sounds. So you never miss any meetings as you mentioned to do. Creating an event is very simple in this application and save it to run time. so we can say this as one of the top 10 business apps to keep everything sorted.

3. One Note

The OneNote application helps in writing quick notes, or we can say this form is known virtual notebook. The OneNote have many different features that we can perfume in a regular notebook. Having this app on your mobile helps you remain tasks by making a quick note, or you can even take sharp images and make it as to-do task. This is one of the applications in Microsoft Office family which was PC application, but now we can get this on our Android Smartphones to make things quick and on time. Not only text if your device comes with the stylus you can draw on your note or images to highlight the task or text or you can use a finger to do draw.

4. Skype App for Business

Essential features of Skype include instant messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP), Video conferencing these are the three top things we can perform using Skype application. You can easily perform multiple tasks with Skype application. You don’t need to worry about traveling different places until you have skype with you to get in touch. Then doesn’t waste time in travelling just turn on your Skype app for video call and talk to the person as you do in regular meetings. With this application, you can do conference calls with your clients in an easy way.

5. SalesForce1

Manage all your CRM data and custom apps with SalesForce, create and edit offline of any particular thing within the application. Easy dashboard with multiple features to understand clearly. Collaborate with the team, and many other functions are the sport in this application. The salesforce1 app helps you in business to track your sales and CRM activities. Customer relationship management refers to practise strategies and technology that company use to manage and analyse customers reactions. For every business customers are the one who brings you revenue to growth in your business so, this particular SalesForce helps in tracing the things which are the user-friendly app to use.

6. Google Drive

As we are discussing the business apps, the Google Drive apps help for the people travel from one place to another location. It could be the reasons to increase their business revenue or some other purpose in this case carrying all the documents with you might be difficult, so Google drive takes your documents where ever you go. Keep your files and folders in Google Drive with a Gmail login. You can store enough of data on it, this app is user-friendly and secures sufficient to use. Create a folder within the Drive to save personal information like family photos are also can be saved on your Google Drive. If you need any file from anywhere, you go just open the application login to it and download the file. Keep things comfortable with your Smartphone and smart applications.

7. Anyconnect

The Anyconnect is a Cisco’s Android app which keeps the connection secure while interface with other mobile devices. You can access business work from anywhere with secure end-end connection with clear and greater visibility. Most hackers try to steal the company’s data for misuse to prevent that you need to use these secure connection applications. Automatically adapts its VPN tunnelling to the first economic methodology supported network constraints, victimisation TLS and DTLS. Provide an even user expertise across devices, each on and off premises, while not making a headache for your IT groups. Modify management with one agent. You must try this application to understand more about it in detail.

8. LastPass

Are you having the problem in remembering the lot of company’s passwords like a couple of Gmail or any other email ID and passwords, social media ID or passwords? Then this application helps you a lot, and it’s secure to use, LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks all your passwords in the secure vault. Just you have to remember LastPass handles LastPass password rest of your passwords. Autofill feature saves your time and ensures to connect as soon as possible before someone trace your id or password. If you forget the LastPass password its okay you can reset your password by selecting forgot password option.

9. Square Register – POS

It is a beautiful application for a small business, nowadays most of the customers use their credit or debit card for purchase rather than keeping money in their pocket. But if you don’t have card swipe machine then you are losing your customers. At least now by using this application and gadget you can accept cards and increase sales. The square register is an Android app which gives you everything you need. You can take payment and run your business smoothly. You can accept debit and credit cards with Square Register app. For this, you need to apply for a free scanner to scan cards. Install application and use for the scanner then start accepting cards it is very simple, and you must have. This is one of the best business apps and business product as well.

10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you’ll be able to connect with a computer which is away from you. You can also do work resources from virtually anyplace. Expertise the facility of Windows with RemoteFX in an exceedingly Remote Desktop consumer designed. To assist you in getting your work done where you’re. You can access to your computer with your Smartphone by using this remote desktop application. All you need IP address of your computer to set up the connection in between PC and your Smartphone. With this, you can access to PC with the secure connection and a lot more like video streaming, music and files.

The only thing I want to say is to work smart rather than going and doing manually. There are plenty of applications are available in the market for your smartphones. So you get a lot of business apps whether it may be the small or large business. The business apps work the same in anyone’s Android mobiles. I hope you got the best app for your business. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, please let us know by commenting below. We try to help you out and if you feel this can help someone so please share using social links. Thank you for following techswans.


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