6 Best Clash Royale Tips For Beginners


Hello Clashers, The word Clashers now will indicate both the players of Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale. We all know that Clash Royale is an awesome strategy game released by the SuperCell. I hope you guys would have played the Epic strategy game called Clash Of Clans, The same troops are used in this game Clash Royale and some other troops like Musketeers, Little Pekka are added in this game.

If you win a battle you will gain trophies, Just like the same in Clash Of Clans and also some amount of resources, You can also create a clan and members can join in yours or you can join other clans. This game is a card strategy game, In this article, I am going to give you “6 Best Clash Royale Tips For Beginners”. Although you may not understand anything in this game for a few weeks, there is nothing behind this game but the cards, The more powerful strategy you use with the cards and defend your towers, you will win, What you have to do in this game is to unlock as many powerful cards and do destroy the enemy 3 defensive towers. That’s the main thing in this game, I will give you some tips based on my experience. So that you could become very good in this game Clash Royale.

6 Best Clash Royale Tips And Guides For Beginners

  1. The main aim of this game is to demolish 3 enemy towers present in the enemy base and for the enemy to win, He has to do the same thing on you. In this game, I would advise you to take a defensive move at first, Defending from enemy attack, Check where the enemy is attacking, Defend with your troops and after defending, Start giving a counter-attack over. That’s simple.
  2. Make sure to use the resources efficiently. The only resource in the game is Elixir, Though Elixir is produced continuously, We have to use them efficiently, What I am coming to say is, Don’t waste resources.
  3. And a good thing is that when our army is doing offense, We can start dropping our troops near the enemy base, which is a great advantage for attackers, And also you can use siege weapons such as fireball and arrow rain attack over the enemy building. Use it good
  4. There is a tool called TV Royale, It is an important tool, It shows great replays around the world and the replays consists of best players in the world, Keep on watching them, Learn from them and use the deck they use.
  5. You can try experimenting different combinations of troops in your deck, These cards are unlocked by beating Training earl and by unlocking the chest you can do this, What you have to do is create a well-balanced deck.
  6. When you unlock the cards of the same troop, You can upgrade the troops to the next levels, Such as giants level 2 and so on. The more their level the higher the attack and hit points they get, I would recommend using giants as a meat shield and using musketeers and wall breakers behind to break structures and enemy troops with ease.
Clash Royale

So, guys, that’s all about today’s topic “6 Best Clash Royale Tips For Beginners”. I hope you guys would like this article and I am damn sure that you would gain some ideas about the topic, If you have liked the article, Please share this with your friends and check out our other article. Please like our Facebook page. Thanks for reading


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