10 Things You Would Understand If You Are An Online Shopping Addict


Be it the end of season sale or any other major deal, there are people who just can’t resist shopping online. And why should they, when you can always avoid the blistering summer heat and enjoy the comfort of online shopping in your PJs with a warm cup of coffee (just like I am writing this article now).

Online shopping is great for so many reasons. The first advantage of shopping online are the great deals and the people who love to shop online would relate to all the things that I am about to mention. If you are one of them, then this is dedicated to you.You can also checkout Cloud Computing Trends of 2020.

1. Waiting for lightning deal and a sale is part of your job.

I have often seen my roommate get up at 5 AM in the morning to see the latest updates on their favorite online shopping site. The lightning deals especially, which are sold out in a blink. And this is one thing you cannot resist doing if you are an online shopping addict.

2. You know about every site that offers deals and coupons.

From coupondunia to various other sites, you are aware of every deal and coupon that the internet has to provide and you never fail to use one. Also, you know how much it hurts when those coupons expire and you weren’t able to use them.

3. You have talked to almost every customer care executive.

Well, shopping online is not a walk in the park. Especially when it comes to new sites, it is hard to get hold of things the first time. If you are an online shopping addict, then you must have already talked to every customer care executive. And just like Rachel from ‘Friends’ had the number of Barneys on speed dial, you have your favourite shopping site’s number on speed dial.

4. Shopping in actual stores can be a turn off for you.

Facing the crowd and searching through stacks of clothes in an actual shopping mall is one thing that you don’t understand. And the whole deal about making shopping a day out is just out of your rational thinking.

5. Your mail is full of promotional emails from various online sites.

Your promotions and updates tab must be overflowing with the daily updates that these online shopping stores provide. You just can’t resist subscribing to every other popular shopping site. Seriously, you cannot afford to miss a great deal.

6. Your cart and wish list is full almost all the time.

Yes, this one goes without saying. Your wishlist has become your favorite page and your cart too. You just wait for money to arrive in your card so that you could buy all the stuff in your cart.

7. You always end up doing extra shopping.

Talk about unwanted stuff and you have that too, in abundance. If it comes as a part of a deal, you will go for it, even when you actually don’t need it. Come on, we all know we are guilty of doing this.

8. You track your orders and get anxious.

How could the item not arrive at the given date? You can get really anxious when there is a delay in your shipment’s delivery since you have been tracking your order since the time you made the online payment.

9. You are very happy when their stuff arrives

As they say, when your ordered item arrives, it is like a gift from you to you, so what is not there to be happy about. And after all the patience you have shown, this is something that you have to be proud of. You can also checkout 20 best non-violent games on PC.

10. You get depressed when their stuff is below expectations.

No one likes to use stuff that is not up to their expectations and after waiting for such a long time. How could you sit quietly, knowing that the stuff you ordered and the one that arrived do not look the same! Depressing, isn’t it?

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